Level IV Ballistic Shield


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For the highest level of defense, Ballistic Shields provide body protection to guard you against a variety of ballistic threats. Whether during an active shooter situation, home invasion, vehicle robbery, or other dangerous situations, ballistic shields can help keep you safe from deadly gunfire. Ballistic shields are one of the best ways to help during an active shooter situation. The ballistic shields that we provide have been tested in NIJ-approved laboratories around the USA, as well as by various independent police and military users. Our ballistic shields are tested to highest standards. Our ballistic shield come with a ballistic viewport (window) which also will resist the same level ballistic level as the shield. Dimensions: 35.5” (L) x 23.5” Weight: 28 lbs Our Ballistic Shield Protects Against: .38 SPECIAL .40 S&W .45 ACP 9MM .357 MAGNUM .357 SIG .44 MAGNUM and All rifle calibers up to and including: 7.62×51 M80 BALL (FMJ)